Welcome to "A Life In Order"

Are you moving or downsizing and dont know where to begin? Are you overwhelmed with "stuff" or paper? Would you like to hire a cleaning service but need to get organized first? Do you need an easy, workable filing system? Do your children need help organizing their rooms? Have you had a major life event occur and need help re-organizing? Do you have difficulty throwing things away or passing them on?

If you answered "yes!" to any of these questions, I can help. As a Senior Move Manager and Professional Organizer, I offer a confidential and non-judgemental approach to your organizing needs.

About Me

I began my business in 2005. In addition to my certifications and affiliation with the organizations listed below I have had 31 years experience working with a major Airlines. I began with 2 years of In-flight service. From there I worked in Human Resources/Recruitment, was in Management for 7 years and had countless hours of Customer Service in our Reservations Center. As a result, my business benefits from my attention to detail, my ability to work with all types of people, my positive outlook, perseverance and endless energy.

References are available upon request

Certificates and Certfications

Level II Chronic Disorganization
Certified Senior Move Manager
Certificate in Senior Move Managing


W. Hartford Chamber of Commerce

Where I Can Help

Whole home organization
Sorting/Donating/Recycling/Selling of all items
Paperwork/filing systems
Space organization

The Organized Move


Moving can be exciting but also challenging. Moving and downsizing...even more so! I know this all to well because I just did both this past summer. As a Senior Move Manager and Professional Organizer I was able to put my own skills to work for myself and it all went quite smoothly!

These are the steps I can help you with:

  1. Sort your belongings at your current home so that they get packed and placed properly in your new home
        - This is a big step, but how nice it is to move into a new place with only the things you want/need AND to know where all those boxes go!
  2. Simultaneously pass on or throw away unwanted items
        - If this step sounds tough because you have difficulty parting with things, I can help you through that aspect as well. See certification details above.
  3. Organize and sort childrens' rooms
        - I have worked with children in their rooms and have been pleased with how receptive they can be and with the progress they have made.
  4. Create an efficient, easy-to-use filing system
        - You won't need to move any piles of paper and once settled, all you'll need to do is maintain the system.
  5. Determine possible storage areas for items you want to keep but don't have space for if you are downsizing
        - I had to do this and there are a couple different options to consider.
  6. Maintenance of a daily/weekly "to do" list throughout the moving process
        - This is key!
  7. Assist with miscellaneous details such as; address changes, utility notifications, locksmith appointment, bulky trash pickup, donation of items.

Whatever your circumstances and challenges may be, you will find true value in hiring me to help you get and stay organized! Keep me in mind for relatives and friends who might benefit as well. Call or email me for a free telephone consultation. References available upon request


"When my life was most chaotic, flooded out of my apartment, many of my belongings lost, you appeared at my door with a gentle smile and set about creating order."

"I was drowning in clutter and paperwork when Cindi Filer came to my rescue!"

"You are a real professional in your calming approach to what is often a very emotional thing for people to have to deal with."

"Your patience is unparalleled and clearly a mark of your success as an Organizer."

"The cost of her services is incredibly reasonable compared to other Organizers I have tried."

"We are pleased to recommend this personable, intelligent woman for her superb organizing skills."

"Even when I felt overwhelmed or anxious about the process, Cindi's professional, good natured and easy going approach made it possible for me to continue."

"One of the qualities Cindi possesses is the ability to read my motivational level and mood."